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The Sacrament of
Holy Orders

“Only Christ is the true priest, the others being only his ministers.” St Thomas Aquinas, Hebr. 8.4

“A priest is called above all to cultivate this closeness, this intimacy with God, and from this relationship, he will be able to draw all the strength needed for his ministry. Our relationship with God is, so to speak, what “grafts” us to him and makes us fruitful. Without a meaningful relationship with the Lord, our ministry will prove fruitless.”

Pope Francis 

Questions about Holy Orders:

All members of the Church participate in the priesthood of all believers through their baptism.  However, some men are called to serve Jesus and the People of God in a particular way through the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Through their leadership in the Church, they help continue Jesus’ presence on earth in the tradition of the apostles. These men receive a permanent spiritual mark, called a character, signifying that they represent Jesus’ merciful and loving presence in the Church.

The three levels of participation in the Sacrament of Holy Orders are as a bishop, as a priest and as a deacon.

Priests serve the community in various ways. They preside at liturgies, preach, administer the sacraments, counsel people, serve as pastors and play their part in the evangelising mission of the Church.

Deacons help and serve bishops by serving the needs of the Church, proclaiming the gospel, teaching and preaching, baptizing, witnessing marriages, and assisting the priest celebrant at liturgies.

Deacons are ordained for service in the Church. There are deacons who are studying to become priests. Then There are permanent deacons that include married men who are called to remain deacons for life and to serve the Church in this capacity.

Please come and speak with one of the Cathedral Clergy. They will help you to discern in what ways God is calling you to witness to him in your life.

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