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Adult Sexual Exploitation

The Police have requested the help of the general public in identifying properties that are being used for this illicit purpose. This is part of a collaborative effort to protect our local community.

You will be aware that modern slavery, trafficking, and sexual exploitation brings untold misery and harm to our wider community, and especially to those vulnerable individuals who are often forced, coerced, or exploited into carrying out this activity on behalf of organised gangs.

There are two main ways in which victims are forced to become involved in Adult Sexual Exploitation, via:

Some signs of sexual exploitation:
  • Frequent visitors 24 hours a day for reasons that are not otherwise apparent.
  • Rubbish full of such items as condoms and massage oils.
  • Curtains closed permanently day and night.
  • A variety of cars parked on the driveway.
  • Evidence of an overcrowded residence—e.g., several people staying at a one-bedroom property.
  • Occupants never seen to leave the residence.
  • An increased level of noise or anti-social behaviour.
  • Any other suspicious behaviour.
How to report any suspicions or concerns: