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Gift Aid

Generosity is at the heart of our faith, we believe in a generous God and our own generosity is a hallmark of our faith in action. The running, upkeep and mission of our parish community is funded through the incredible generosity of our parishioners.


Gift Aid is a method, approved by HMRC, of substantially increasing the value of your offerings at absolutely no cost or inconvenience to you. Your donations are whatever you feel you can afford on a regular basis with payment via a Standing Order from your bank.

Once you have applied to the Gift Aid Organiser, you will receive a Gift Aid reference number. This will mean that both your regular standing order donation and any additional payments, for example, your Christmas donation or a donation to a second collection for a charity, can all be gift aided. 

Extra payments can be made by cheque or cash using either the Gift Aid envelopes available in the Narthex, marked with either your name or Gift Aid number, or indeed using any plain envelope marked clearly with your Gift Aid number and/or name.

Whatever you give is gratefully received as your personal support to the Parish. Gift Aid can be applied to all your donations whether regular or occasional and you can stop, start or vary what you pay whenever you decide; and no one will ‘chase’ you for money.

If you are happy to confirm the statement on the first page of the application form:

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the current year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

Then you are eligible to join the Gift Aid Scheme.

Gift Aid


It is really easy – you can sign up online here. You can also fill in a Gift Aid Declaration Form

Alternatively just ring the Gift Aid Organiser and give your details over the telephone or pick up a form in the Cathedral Narthex.

Your Gift Aid Organiser is Lorna Green, 01277 205923 (


The easiest way to do this is via internet banking. But if you do not have internet banking, we can provide you with a standing order form for you to fill in and take into your bank who will set this up for you.

Our Parish, as a registered charity, is allowed to reclaim all of the basic rate income tax which you have paid on any funds given to us under the Gift Aid Scheme.

Currently we can reclaim from the Government an extra 25 pence for every pound you give.

If you pay Income Tax at either the Lower or Basic Rate then Gift Aid will not normally affect you, unless the amount we seek to reclaim from HMRC exceeds or is likely to exceed the total tax you will pay in the tax year. Your total ‘Tax Paid’ for the year includes both Income Tax and any Capital Gains Tax paid on the sale of shares or investments.

For example, if your donation was £5.00 per week, the Parish would be able to claim an extra £65.00 thus boosting your annual gift of £260 to £325 at absolutely no cost to you. Similarly if you pay £1000 per annum your gift will be transformed into £1250.


In the unlikely event that you will not pay enough tax, just contact the Gift Aid Organiser


As a higher rate tax payer you are allowed to reclaim for yourself the difference between the Basic and Higher Rates of Tax (currently 20%). Thus, an offering of £260, less your tax refund, would actually cost you only £208, but the Parish would still have received £325.


If you wish, the Gift Aid organiser will send you a letter each year with details of your donation.

Yes. You can ring or write to the Gift Aid Organiser at any time.

You will be allocated a Personal Identification Number known only to you and to the Gift Aid Organiser. The amounts you give can only be identified by the Gift Aid Organiser who keeps all such information strictly confidential.

Every gift whether large or small is greatly valued, but if you feel able to make a regular monthly donation, a Bank Standing Order form is available. This can be downloaded from, or collected at the Cathedral.

Any envelope labelled with your membership number, may be used for extra donations.

If you are not using the Official Gift Aid Envelopes, you can still use the Envelopes kept in the Narthex at the Cathedral. Please add your Personal Number (or your name if you have not yet signed up to the Gift Aid Scheme) on the envelope so that we can identify it for tax purposes.